Corina Piatti

Corina Piatti – Calma

Music and lyrics: Corina Piatti
Vocals and guitar: Corina Piatti
Tu Buen Humor: Joe Morris on Trumpet
No Somos Nada: Javier Fioramonti on Guitar, Koichi Sakai on Percussion, Mike Collins on Electric Bass
Semilla: Javier Fioramonti on Guitar, Ayoze Hernández on Percussion

Recorded at Bolygo Music, Mike Collins and Pyramid Studios, in London between 2012 - 2015.
Mixed and mastered by Dave Pemberton from Pyramid Studios.

Corina has also featured in Tango for London, by Tanguedad

and Tongas y Mates

She also took part in the Album Peregrino, that won the acknowledge prize "Prêmio da Música Brasileira" in the electronic category, by the Electro-Organic Brazilian Duet, originally from Caxias, Projeto Ccoma

Designed by Enrique Piatti